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“When I found that I was pregnant, honestly, it sort of got me thinking and (besides my boyfriend) I did not share the matter until four months passed. Since I was 13, I have always seen myself as a wife and a mother. I am principled and I have learned to separate Rachel, the TV girl and the family girl, helping bring up my siblings and get my personal life moving,” she remarks. Besides, she reveals that even though men keep on hitting on her being that celebrity girl on TV and radio, the misconception that media girls can be so easy to fall for sexual lures has never bothered her, neither has it been a weak point between her and her boyfriend. Ross and Chandler attempt to recreate the wedding pictures, after Chandler loses the disposable cameras.Monica opens all of her and Chandler's wedding presents.The airport security mistake Chandler's joke as a real threat then take him and Monica to interrogation.

Phoebe thinks it's Tag Jones and arranges a meeting for Rachel with him.Chandler and Monica prepare to leave for their honeymoon as Rachel prepares to tell the father of her baby.Phoebe and Joey try to get into Monica and Chandler's apartment by telling Mr. However, not all goes to plan when Treeger, who could not find Monica and Chandler's key, orders firefighters to break down the door.“The rapper (K-Letta) is a good friend but we haven’t been dating, neither was there a love triangle.I want to set the record straight and expose the truth in good faith,” the rather straight-shooting and eloquent Rachel tells me as we get down to business. When the right time comes, the wedding bells will be loud and clear.

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Note: There was a subplot of Chandler and Monica's honeymoon that was completely shot and filmed but ultimately never aired.

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