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You can buy passes in increments of 5, 10 or 15 rounds.If you want to buy a Greendale pass you must buy it in the Greendale Pro Shop.The committee met for 2 hours and discussed many topics.Members present for the meeting: Eileen Ruzicka, Michelle Moldenhauer, Susan Foulds, Sally Reams, Lynn Smith, Betsy Triplet, and Ruth Coakley. Summary of major changes are as follows: The list of eligible players will be sorted by birthday and divided in half.As a woman, I want to date someone tall and handsome, preferably someone with a healthy tan.

If you want passes for a different course, you must buy them at that course.

We look beyond this shallow and superficial phenomenon.

We care about the entire package, putting as much value on a man’s personality as his looks. Solid 8.” Katie – “I’m not in to the whole western thing so this photo is throwing me off. I like the whole glasses and suit look but he’s not my type really.

See Fairfax County Flyer here: Thank you to Kathi Pierce, Ingrid Tomasek and Judy Erickson for a wonderful luncheon! The luncheon was well attended, door prizes were abundant (thanks to all who solicited donations) and 16 people played golf afterwards on the beautiful Mount Vernon Country Club Course. Congratulations to all who received awards and recognition at the luncheon; click here to see the list.

Scores for all players in the championship are now posted on the Schedule & Results page for September 28 (date of the final round).

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  1. Students were classified into six categories: current daily smokers, current occasional smokers, former smokers, experimental smokers, puffers; and those who had never tried smoking.