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Andrew Newbury, head of Pannone's family, personal and financial team, says: "Nasty surprises have always been a problem.

"If there are no other assets, the remedy may be court action."People who are worried about their relationships could take Mr Newbury's straightforward advice.

But it can take a long time for one partner to discover that the other partner has not been paying the mortgage if there is no joint account.

If there are problems, then the innocent party will find their credit rating damaged quickly.

If your card offers it, you should sign up for transaction notifications.

It sounds extreme until you realize you probably don't use your card as much as you think and it has the added bonus of reminding you of subscriptions you might not use all that often.

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An Ombudsman spokesman says: "We've started to see an increase in the number of inquiries and complaints where a marital – or other relationship – breakdown has been a factor."About 5 per cent of the mortgage-related complaints before the Ombudsman involve "problems where one partner has taken out additional borrowing against the mortgage without the other party being aware".

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