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You’re a public figure in a small town, a woman always dressed up and made up. A text from a weirdo obsessed with your shoes is just a hilarious screenshot. The wild and wonderful world of local news take its reporters everywhere — it’s amazing and exhilarating, and many times, these young journalists do it alone.It’s something to laugh about at drinks with fellow reporters — until it isn’t funny anymore. It’s less amazing when you’re constantly worried about the man who pretends to be a recruiter for a major network but is really a serial sexual harasser.Imagine this: You’re a young woman in your first or second job.You’re hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from your family, surviving on slim paychecks, living alone, and working odd hours.This side of local news includes the guy who screams, “F**k Her right in the p***y,” behind your live report.Or the local woman who sends you racial slurs because she doesn’t like the way you look.However, Graff said this attitude can overshadow the daily impact sex trafficking has on communities across the country.

The Women's Foundation of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota published research correlating large-scale events such as the Super Bowl with sex trafficking.You’re in their living rooms and kitchens, delivering them information.They put their trust in you, they learn things from you, and after a while, they get to know a part of you — the public part.he’s told me he loves me; we’re going to be together. Moved away from home, lived alone and hadn’t made too many friends yet.“Something like this can be so scary for a young woman to try and deal with. This guy even showed up at work one day looking for me.” Harassment by viewers is so commonplace, it’s basically become part of the job. But I do know these people are harassers, and what they’re doing is inexcusable.

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