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Blacks are still fighting to be there, long Q auditions, submit CV,hey! Black ppl are divided in many language and every 1 is using education to get there.

Most colourds I worked with are desperate to be acknoledged as whites.

The South African Government is committed to human rights, reconciliation, promotion and the protection our cultural heritage and social cohesion.

Did most colourds attend this or will we always listen to europen propaganda?

Vote ANC because they at least allow me to live wherever Iwant to.

The white people had their chance and they treated us like animals.

But for whites we all remain second best frm pure blacks, whites will only give u food but nt managerial position, only in this democracy when u are educated u will get that. Posted by: mariana Oh poor Sandra, you are desparate to be associated with the same people who killed us as part of hunting for fun, isn't the same Khoi San from Africa?

You cannot expect that SA's Rome to be build in 1 day.Then we also have Khoi, San, Xhosa, and various white groups..So please, let's stop discriminating, we are an accepting people..In the 1970's the famed District Six, the heart of the coloured community in Cape Town was sadly demolished.Let us forgive each other & look for a way forward, because it is not nice to hear bad things about this race issues ,because being coloured it is so complex, some are white Black, some are Khoi blood coloured; please let us not hurt each other but look for solution to move forward! My parent speaks Afrikaans, but always or mostly spoke English to me.

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