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The size of the storm was such that the entire state of Florida endured its effects.

• On Sunday, the center of the storm made its first Florida landfall at Cudjoe Key, just east of Key West, at a.m.

The Naples area may well be hit the by the strongest winds — 115 to 135 mph with higher gusts — which would arrive Sunday morning.

It cannot be understated how dangerous these winds will be.

The storm was crawling to the north-northwest at just eight mph at the time, but the winds were blowing at close to 130 mph.• The eye of Hurricane Irma made its second landfall in Florida on Sunday at p.m., in Marco Island, south of Naples.

Just prior to landfall, the Marco Island Police Department reported a 130-mph wind gust in the eyewall of the hurricane. • A combination of high tide and onshore wind pushed a storm surge into the low-lying city of Miami on Sunday.

You can go to a shelter as a last resort; they will be crowded and uncomfortable and should be used only by people who have nowhere else to go. You should take your emergency kit with you to the shelter.

It was lashing the Florida Keys with sustained winds over 100 mph and a dangerous storm surge.

The Tampa Bay area hasn’t had a direct hit from a hurricane since 1921, but this part of the state is extremely vulnerable to flooding.

Hurricane Irma made landfall at Cudjoe Key, Fla., just east of Key West, at a.m.

Power outages are likely, even away from the coast.

Sustained winds of 100 mph are likely near the coast.

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