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Needless to say, gigabit service would completely change the game in our area when it comes to Internet service. AT&T is offering unbundled 1 Gbps service for /month.

So I started researching AT&T’s Giga Power service to learn more and I found both good news and … Now that is certainly higher than most Internet services in our area, but for 1 Gbps service, it is extremely reasonable.

Just because your friends in town are getting Giga Power, doesn’t mean the whole town (or even a good fraction) will be getting it soon.

Now that being said, competition from other companies may introduce gigabit services to certain areas so gigabit Internet speeds may still become a reality even if AT&T isn’t providing it.

So if you live in a newer subdivision and you are getting Giga Power service, feel free to get excited.

However, if you live in an older area, don’t expect to see this service any time soon so temper your expectations.

But GOP leaders are well aware that because of conservative resistance they will need to pass a bill with mostly Democratic votes in the House.

Giga Power users will be allowed unlimited data usage beginning on that date which would eliminate the data cap issues I just wrote about, but at the time of this writing, the 1 TB data cap still exists.

The far more potentially onerous gotcha with AT&T’s Giga Power service is their requirement that you opt-in to a service called “AT&T Internet Preferences.” This service basically allows AT&T to track your web browsing information and target ads according to your interests.

If you choose not to participate in AT&T Internet Preferences you will be charged an additional /month for your Giga Power Internet service.

Now to many people, assuming they even realize what they are opting-in to, this may sound like an invasion of privacy. Like most companies, AT&T promises to never sell your personal information to any other companies so really it is just an ad targeting service.

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If you are in an area that has or are getting AT&T Giga Power (or another gigabit service), please comment below if you are planning on getting the service or if you already have it and what your impressions are.

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