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when CW saw that the driver was masturbating with his right hand while steering with his left hand.

“He was shocked that a person can drive and masturbate at the same time. Walker answered when the People asked what CW’s reaction was to the defendant exposing his private parts in public.

The People submitted Exhibit 1, a certified rap sheet, to the court.

She’s been with the Davis Police Department since 2007 and explained how she was involved in the investigation of Mr. Detective Walker was with Lieutenant Paul Doroshov and another officer at the time when they took the defendant into custody at his workplace, Roseville Dodge, after taking his statement on January 2, 2017.Debbie Harry walks into a private members’ club in Chelsea, New York, looking like a ninja.She’s covered up in black, a hood tightly wound around her head, with sunglasses as wide as her heart-shaped face.When JT noticed the Chrysler Voyager van in the parking lot on November 16, the driver started waving at her to get her attention and she saw that his pants were again unzipped with his genitals out in the open and his right hand moving up and down on his penis.The complaining witness went into the store to make her key and additionally bought pepper spray for protection.

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