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[on Tron (2010)] It was an effort to get into that suit, but if I was a real astronaut I wouldn't expect that to be easy either.It's all part of the process, it's a challenge and that is what creates the rewards.Despite being engaged for three years and having a 22-month-old son together, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are in no rush to walk down the aisle.While marriage is still a possibility, the 31-year-old“We are seriously connected,” she told Net-A-Porter.

She attended an NYC event that honored Martin Scorsese on September 21 and presented at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park two days later.Adds Sudeikis, “We’re paying someone right now even though we’re here — a babysitter.We didn’t have to do that last time.” Although Seacrest was interested in the going rate for babysitters in Los Angeles, Wilde admitted she’d go above and beyond the asking price.It has been five years since horrifying tragedy struck and 20 children and several adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Celebrities have been taking to Twitter to remember the twelve girls, eight boys and six women who were senselessly gunned down by a 20-year-old shooter.

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