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: Unfortunately, this option was disabled in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

You can still turn Cortana off with a registry or Group Policy tweak, but there is no way to disable web searches in the Start menu.

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Like it’s laying the groundwork for planned upgrades from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10.

That’s kind of what’s going on, but Leonhard thinks the whole truth is a little bit more “naggy.” Under the details for KB3146449, Microsoft says that it “adds functionality to Internet Explorer 11 on some computers that lets users learn about Windows 10 or start an upgrade to Windows 10.” Leonhard believes that the update “lets users learn” by throwing up a big, blue upgrade advertisement on the top of new Internet Explorer tabs.

One of those is KB3146449, which brings “updated Internet Explorer 11 capabilities to upgrade Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.” So it sounds like a pre-requisite or something, right?Test the browser after each uninstall, until you’ve identified the software that was causing trouble.Once you’ve found the problematic third-party software, don’t reinstall it — find an alternative and use that instead.Exercise your browser after each change, visiting any pages that previously caused trouble.If or when the trouble reappears, you’ll know that the last add-on you installed or modification you made is the likely culprit. The next steps depend on the Windows version you’re using; IE 11 is managed differently in Win7 and Win8. Here’s how to put a fresh copy of IE 11 on a Win7 system: ► Windows 8: Verify IE 11 integrity.

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