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Either that, or everyone else was out eating expensive chocolate and having NO FUN AT ALL because, honest to God, the date auction was amazing.The MCs took a few cues from our original auction, reading a fun bio about the auctionee and then asking them a personal question to give them a chance to show off their natural flair. although i will admit that the noun "a date" and the verb "to date" have very different meanings/contexts for different folks.Mostly I was too busy to notice being in a small town.

There's lectures all the time, college and guest speakers -those are fun whether the subjects familiar or totally new.

I had an exam on Monday so I spent the rest of the evening studying. Excos are awesome, one credits student taught classes.

They can be on languages, dancing, karate, story telling, juggling, you name it.

If you're involved in things you're hot, if you're like me, cross country running makes you a fine (hard to catch) catch. Theater and Musical theater clubs are very popular and put on lots of shows, though our student theater spaces leave something to be desired (namely, more space). The conductor is awesome and everyone in the choir really loves to sing, and everyone's quite friendly. Guest speakers are pretty common and popular, as is theater. The dating scene is *awkward* I mean, we try, but sometimes it can be discouraging. I met my closest friends eating in a co-op with them. Also we live in the same dorm which is a program house.

There are so many things to go to, take advantage of as many musical, theater, art, athletic, and club events as you can and you will be happy as a clam. If you're not drinking you could be, sledding, urban climbing, tightrope walking, movie screening, running, playing video games, studying, at a movie, out to Cleveland, baking, making dorm mischief, dance party! Hardcore loud crowded parties definitely happen if you're into that, but there is no Greek life. There is always some performance going on- often several.

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