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I became a peer educator because the statistics around campus sexual assault are too high; I believe that, together, we can make this campus a safe and enjoyable place for all of our students, one that is free of sexual violence. I’m a senior double-majoring in Philosophy & Latin American Studies.I spend my free time supporting the Four Winds Native American Alliance, Colby Smash Club, and any nearby skateboarders.I also spend time helping teach middle school band classes and I enjoy working with my 4th-grade mentee.I also play in Colby’s wind ensemble and I performed in a one-act play last year.Along with being a peer educator, I am a Community Advisor in East, member of the Feminist Alliance, and copy editor for Outside Colby.I chose to be a peer educator because I believe everyone has the right to a healthy, safe, and enjoyable life at Colby, free from violence and coercion, and I believe we all have the capacity to make change on this campus.I became a Peer Educator so that I can show as many students as possible why they have a stake in the issue of Sexual Violence. Hello, my name is Kira Brown and I am a junior here at Colby!I am a government major and a managerial economics minor. I chose to be a peer educator because I think healthy discussion about prevention and bystander intervention is important.

It is so important to teach students about rape culture not only to protect them, but also to empower them with knowledge. I’m a senior double majoring in English and Government.I decided to become a sexual violence prevention peer educator because I want to work hard to make sure Colby is a safe and nurturing environment for all of its students.I believe there is always room for improvement in our handling of these delicate situations and I take my responsibility and role in this very seriously.I became a peer educator because Colby is our home and every person deserves to be safe and have consensual sexual experiences in their own home. On campus, I am a member of the Crew team, program leader of Paw Pals, and an active participant in the Outing Club.Sexual Violence is an important topic to learn about, yet as of now there is minimal talk about it.

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I’m a senior and I’m majoring in Biology and I’m on the premed track.

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