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Chapter 1: Heartbreak"Hermione, don't get me wrong, I love Harry, I really do, but he broke up with me last June, even if it was only to protect me. " Ron screamed as he, Harry, and Hermione approached.

You guys defeated You-Know-Who a month ago, and he has barely spoken to me. If Harry really wants to be with me, then he'll prove himself to be the one for me, if not, well then, I am almost positive Draco is an excellent kisser.""Ginny! Draco smirked, "I never thought I'd say this Ginny, but me too.""Ginny! "Ron…" Hermione pleaded, "Don't."Harry just stood there, and as usual masked any emotions he was feeling. " Ron asked, disappointed in his sister, she had always been a good girl.

*Hermione* If you were a desert, which one would you be and why? Probably a chocolate frog because I got a lot of kick in me!

*Ron has dozed off**Hermione* Contestant number three? *Ron thinks* I would be a quidditch master.*Hermione* Hmm... Okay, contestant number two, what do you want to be for Halloween and why?

He liked her, but she wasn't Ginny.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Up in the girls dormitory, a few weeks later, Bex was bragging about Harry, and Ginny was about to leave when she heard Bex say something that made her freeze."Now that I have him wrapped around my finger, I can break his poor little golden boy heart.

*Miss Cassi tells Hermione that she wins a different prize- All of her books for the next two years bought and paid for* Can we have our next contestant please? *Minerva mutters 'drunkard' under her breath, then begins questioning again* Contestant number two. *Dobby* Well, once when I was little and didn't realize the importance of masters I made my young masters pants fall off in public and he ran home screeming...*Minerva* Okay... *Spotlights land on a red headed maiden who walks onto the stage. The person asking the questions does not know who his or her contestants are, but the contestants know who she is! *Miss Cassi* Okay, well, for those of you at home who don't know the rules to this game, we take a few random people, one girl and three boys or vice versa and we put them on this show! He snores very loud and mumbles something about being head boy**Hermione* That answers my question with a depth you couldn't imagin. What kind of legendary race do you think you should be? 'Throw me to the wolves because theres order in the pack, throw me to the sky because I know I'm coming back. You could have stopped on your first for all I care.*Hermione* Then I choose contestant number one! *Draco walks out from behind the curtain**Hermione yells* Draco?!? *All of the contestants go/are led to there stools.**Miss Cassi* Okay, and for our last contestant we have the purring Contestant four! *Harry* Oh, Definately quidditch.*Hermione* Okay, *looks bored* Contestant three? *Ron* I am a sloth 'cause they like to sleep.*Hermione curls her lip in disgust* Lovely. *Miss Cassi* Hey, I said you had to ask up to five questions. *They embrace**Miss Cassi* Contestant number three! *Ron wakes up and walks out from behind the curtain* *Hermione slaps him upside the head for being stupid**Miss Cassi* And lets show the lady who she won one date with! He sees her and runs away out the door**Miss Cassi* Hey! *Gilderoy walks out confused as the lights shine on him* What am I doing here?

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