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That is what I adore about this book…the fact that we get both perspectives of not receiving the love we need.I also adore the size of this book, and its compact nature.

I have read the second book and I didn't think this one make any progresses? It felt kind of repetitive most of the time as well. And let it go." - Nikita Gill"Let it hurt then let it go." -RH Sin"The pain will leave once it has finished teaching you." - Pavana"There is growth in pain you just have to find the lesson and learn it." - RH Sin"I went to war for what we had; you never even laced your I would rather go to any number of "Instagram Poets" profiles and find their undiluted words in all of their glorious entirety rather than spend any more money on RH Sin's unoriginal thoughts."Let it hurt. He wouldn't even walk through the rain." - RH Sin The man just doesn't even have an original thought of his own, he regurgitates everything he reads from truly talented poets, and spins it with less than mediocre results.The themes are the same though out the collections -- Love, relationships, treating a woman right, feminism, and patience.The poet also spends much time on paying tribute to a woman, Samantha.The fact that the poet is a male, makes the words he writes about women even more poignant.His point of view gives us another perception as well, of a man, who wasn’t loved the way he deserved; how women too, can take advantage of love and not give back any intimacy or love in return.

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  1. Despite the initial antagonism they hold for one another, a mutual attraction begins to form, this particular avenue developing a daring plot that questions whether a man should devote himself solely to loving God, or to give his heart to a woman, the question of whether or not these two souls can find the common ground to be together having a paramount effect on the story.