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As he did so we were engulfed in tear gas, which induced coughing and retching and made the skin on our faces burn.

Especially girls are raised to be more respectful to their family and relatives.Thousands of angry Ethiopian Jews fought their way through police lines and besieged the Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem yesterday, during a protest sparked off by the revelation that the Israeli national blood bank routinely destroyed blood donated by Ethiopians, on the grounds that they might have Aids.The riot started when police and border guards, surprised by the size of the demonstration, tried to keep the crowd of 20,000 away from the block housing the office of the Prime Minister, Shimon Peres.One demonstrator's banner read: "Although our skin is black our blood is as red as yours and we are just as Jewish." A hundred or so police tried to hold back the demonstrators, but were pushed back.Finally, the Ethiopians broke through, hurling a metal barricade to one side.

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Once you marry them, it is assured in most cases that they will be a very good wives.

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  1. He became a full-fledged cinematographer in Kandelerong Pilak (Silver Candlesticks), 1954, which won for Lilia Dizon the best actress award in the Cambodian Film Festival. As actor, Accion appeared in films like Ang Lalaki (The Male), 1947; Sierra Madre, 1948; Tambol Mayor (Big Drum) and Kandidato (Candidate), 1949; In Despair, 1950; and Donato, 1954.