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au Title: Merimbula luxury apartments | holiday accommodation Merimbula Description:Merimbula holiday accommodation complex offering modern apartments accommodation in Merimbula - location on popular Fishpen peninsular, close to Merimbula beach.

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To thread a side threading needle, simply: 1 Hold the needle point in your non dominant hand.Hand over the two dimes and a nickel you find in the box to your son to add the swear jar. Aim the diamond shaped wire toward the hole you cannot see.When you somehow get the threader into the eye, take the thread, now drooping from your son's mouth.Carefully cut the end of the thread at just the right angle to make it thin enough to go through the needle's eye.After three tries, put a quarter in the swear jar and stick the end of the thread into your mouth. Explain to your three year old, that, no you are not "tasting" the thread and he should not eat thread either.

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