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An avid outdoorsman who hunted deer and elk for meat, Topher didn't have much in common with Nate but found him goofy yet likable, a "fat, funny kid" with a "big heart."Nate had been getting his stash from a dealer in Spokane, Washington. "Topher said, "I try to be."Nate said, "I've got a plan."The Idea turned out to be a textbook case of business economics: Buy low, sell high and eliminate the middleman. Suddenly, Nate and Topher and all of their friends had more cash than they'd ever dreamed of, along with expensive cars, hot girlfriends and fancy lakefront homes. He's a big guy, with solid arms and blocky features.

But he had heard about how easy it was to cross the Canadian border – only an hour north of Coeur D' Alene – and bring back the popular, extremely potent marijuana growing in abundance in British Columbia and known, generically, as "B. Bud." Rumor had it that the town of Nelson had become a sort of hippie Shangri-La, a place where if it took you more than ten minutes to find someone to sell you a dime bag, there was a good chance you were already high. And then, just as quickly, they began to lose control. Outside, there are palm trees in the parking lot and a decent view of the harbor. Though marijuana remains illegal in Canada, the stance of the government regarding pot is far less hysterical than in the United States, with laws enforced sporadically and penalties never especially stringent.

Her drive-way would get blocked every time the snowplow would go by. Once safely on American soil, the pair met their friends at an Outback Steakhouse and, in Topher's words, "ate like starving coyotes." Excited by the success of their first outing, they showed their friends the weed – which was, they all had to admit, fairly skunk-looking tourist weed. "This was like Cali Mexican weed."aving doubled their initial investment in roughly a day, Nate and Topher quickly planned a second run. Before they knew it, they had gone from struggling to put gas in their cars to running a major pot enterprise that was bringing in thousands of dollars a day. "Marijuana's Big Moment As business boomed, the guys found a couple of steady suppliers from Nelson – a town that Drew Edwards, in his book calls "the marijuana-culture capital of North America." Nelson's remoteness makes it ideal terrain for pot growers – so much so that the town of 10,000 has its own currency exchange.

Nathaniel would always run over and shovel her drive, and later she'd tell me that she tried to give him money and he'd say, ' No, no.'"For their first pot run, Nate and Topher drove up to Creston, B. Once there, they hit the local bars in search of a connection. "We saw this old man, and we made a hand gesture, like smoking a bowl," Topher recalls. "Within a few weeks I went from selling eighths to quarter pounds," says Scuzz, who could pass for a pro snowboarder with his goatee and wraparound shades. Overlooking the main street is the Holy Smoke Culture Shop, a white clapboard house with a giant marijuana leaf painted on the side.

They bought four-wheelers, jet skis, plasma-screen televisions, minidisc players.

They drag their stashes underwater, behind fishing boats, so the line can be cut if an agent approaches; buoys, attached to the loads with dissolvable strips of zinc, rise to the surface the following day.

The 40 Greatest Stoner Albums Always ready with an eager grin, Nate developed a puppy-dog need for approval - and perpetually holding proved a quick way to earn the love, or at least tolerance, of his peers.

Topher, nine years his senior, initially met Nate as a customer. We're at these parties, watching naked women jump into pools, feeding piranhas in aquariums, smoking out of big, fancy bongs."Topher is sitting, at the moment, in the visiting room of a federal prison in Terminal Island, California.

Once Nate hatched his smuggling plan, he and Topher realized that their first order of business would be to scrape together enough cash to make a buy.

Luckily, Topher had salvaged a sunken jet boat from the lake in Coeur D' Alene and had spent the summer restoring it.

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