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Final stage draw 31 teams that will participate in the final stage of the tournament will be known at the end of the qualification round of the 2018 World Cup.

The Confederations Cup matches which will be held from June 17 to July 2, on 4 out of 12 stadiums of the World Cup - in Kazan, Sochi, St. On February 3, 500 days before the start of the tournament, which is informally called the "Festival of Champions", the official emblem of the Confederations Cup will be presented in Moscow.

The show ended with a performance by Polina Gagarina and the children's choir, which had as many members as the number of the teams competing for participation in the World Cup.

Each member of the choir had a flag of a country on the shirt.

In general, preparations are going according to schedule, but it is important to stay focused and maintain a harmonious collaboration with the host cities in order to ensure that all the elements of the tournament are ready for the teams and fans who will come to enjoy the magnificent spectacle in 20," Kuttner said.

The next meeting of the Board of the Organizing Committee "Russia-2018" with the FIFA participation will be held in February 2016.

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