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That may be why Essento is testing the waters at Coop with ground mealworms, rather than selling insects whole—diminishing the aversive effect of those antennae, legs and wings.And Essento isn’t the first to package insects in a way that appeals to Westerners.­For example, to construct their signature dragon-headed boats, Vikings used axes rather than saws to cut longer, lighter pieces of wood that allowed for faster travel.These longboats, called drakkar, dominated the seas by taking advantage of wind in their square sail for long distances and of oarsmen for swift attacks [source: Hadingham].He nearly snatches Sticky, but the pet wriggles out of his hands. Then she helps him look online to find out how geckos can cruise up vertical surfaces and across ceilings. Scientists had to magnify the gecko’s foot thousands of times to find out its secret to defying gravity.Now Sticky is crawling down a glass window, which the boy also finds fascinating. Gecko feet are covered with ridges composed of millions of hairs called setae.Sticky jumps to the floor and makes a dash for the bed. Each hair splits up into hundreds of tiny hair ends.Scientists believe that the branching hairs use special forces to attract the hairs to the surface.

Whether large or small, vessels of the past and present share the same flotation and movement abilities.“Mom, can I just let him play up there for a while? ” Mom joins the chase, and they finally capture Sticky and release him safely in the terrarium.He seems happy.” “Absolutely not.” The boy reluctantly grabs a chair and stands on his tiptoes. She assures her son that Sticky will grow another tail, explaining that some gecko species can release their moving tails as a defense mechanism known as autotomy.Generations of North Americans and Europeans grew up in colder climates, so surviving off of insects just wasn’t an option for much of the year.The challenge for companies looking to penetrate the Western grocery aisles with bugs will be overcoming the “yuck” factor.

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Although upset about another escape, he is more intrigued by how the lizard can walk upside down, as if it has superpowers.

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