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BPA has been linked to cancer, heart disease, immune dysfunctions and a host of other health epidemics affecting humans today.

It also causes early puberty and damages every part of the reproductive system in women and causes low sperm count and prostate cancer in men.

Simply changing the rules under which Congress operates in order to change the laws around grandfathered chemicals would take five to ten years.

• Ücret ve üyelik gerektirmeden anında üst kısımdaki panelden giriş yapılır.This chemical is a building block for polycarbonate plastic (think hard plastic water bottles) and epoxy resins (think the lining of soup cans and aluminum soda cans).When it is heated or exposed to an alkaline environment, the molecular bonds holding BPA together break and the molecules form a hormone called estradiol, which has been linked to cancer.Yapılan her türlü değişimin ve fonksiyonel atakların alt yapısıyla birlikte gelmektedir.Sizlerden istenilen en hızlı ve kesintisiz salt görünümsel kavramların göz önüne serilmesi gerektiğinin farkındayız.

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