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We often see toddlers the same age wearing shoes two or three sizes apart.They could both easily end up the same size after a couple years (and if they don't, that's still normal). SEE OUR RELATED POST: Wikler's Quest for Healthy Children's Feet] 2.Visitors to our workshop will often notice kids racing across our showroom under close observation. Open-Toed Sandals are Awesome Toes pushing against the front seam of a shoe are a strong sign that a shoe is too small.

We see a lot of kids in our showroom at the end of the summer in need of new school shoes.

Parents want shoes that will last the whole school year, and we often try to find a size that is slightly too big to allow ample growing room.

One rule of thumb (literally) is to make sure there is about an adult thumb's width of space between the end of the toes and the front seams of the shoes while the child is standing in them.

Of course, you can go TOO big, which can lead to problems.

It's important to make sure your child can walk and run comfortably in the shoes without tripping or stumbling (this is especially important for new walkers who already trip and stumble enough on their own).

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If you do see a need to give your baby's feet protection, we recommend booties or warm, loose-fitting socks.

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