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The National Trust for Scotland maintain the house and its contents as a museum of Hornel's life and work.The Stewartry Museum was founded in 1879 and was at first based in the Town Hall until it became too small to house the collections.Kirkcudbright Tolbooth was built between 16 and served not only as the tolbooth, but also the council offices, the burg and sheriff courts, the criminal prison and the debtors' prison.One of the most famous prisoners was John Paul Jones, hero of the American navy, who was born in nearby Kirkbean.

and about a century later, the magistrates of the town obtained permission from Queen Mary to use part of the convent and nunnery as a parish church.Landscape painter Charles Oppenheimer moved to Kirkcudbright in 1908, and is given credit along with artist Dorothy Nesbitt for protecting the Harbor Cottage (art) Gallery from demolition in 1956.The presence of these and other accredited artists led to Kirkcudbright becoming known as "the artists' town", although town residents see the town as a "fishing town": as the town has a harbour, this soubriquet may have originated more from tourist-board publicity rather than local usage.The use of this range for the testing of depleted uranium shells has been controversial.The range also contains one of the two surviving A39 Tortoise heavy assault tanks from the six prototypes originally produced.

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The lyricist and poet Marriott Edgar who wrote, amongst other things, Albert and the Lion for Stanley Holloway was born in Kirkcudbright in 1880.

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