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Now free of M'Nagalah's control, a seemingly repentant Dr.Zeul retains her position at Ivy University and has approached Ryan for a second chance, despite the bizarre circumstances of their first meeting.When the world gets to the Golden Age of humanity, Giganta causes trouble by encouraging a rebellion, which Wonder Woman stops.When the world returns to normal, Giganta is still in her "strongwoman" form.implying that their relationship has survived despite earlier difficulties.Mellower than in her appearances in the All-New Atom series, she seems to accept and respect the shortcomings brought by their different lifestyles, going so far to help Wonder Woman in a mission, reasoning that, with Ryan being a superhero, they should both be used to putting their heroics in front of their private lives.Giganta initially seems unaware of this fact, admitting to Dwarfstar that she is dating the Atom (much to Dwarfstar's amusement).Following a disastrous mission to Skartaris, Amanda Waller reveals the details of Ryan's murder to Giganta.

Giganta joins a primitive tribe to attack Wonder Woman, but is defeated.As part of the Society, she takes part in the "Battle of Metropolis", a confrontation with multiple heroes, including Elasti-Girl, the size-changing member of the Doom Patrol. compelling the villain to become less rational and more prone to violence, she was corrected by her colleagues in the Department of Metahuman Affairs.They implied that Giganta has overcome that limitation and retains her full intelligence at any size.Her first appearance (Wonder Woman #9, volume 1, published in 1944), written by Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston, presents her as a brutish strongwoman.Later adaptations (including appearances on Hanna-Barbera's popular cartoon series Challenge of the Super Friends in the 1970s) introduced Giganta's size-changing ability, a feature which has been retained to date.

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