Sysprep error updating registry xp

Unfortunately, the wizard doesn't seem to support setting the by default, so just put something temporary in for now and we'll get rid of it later.You also get the option to automatically log on as the administrator some N number times. A word of caution is that the username and password for the administrator account is stored in the registry in plain text when this option is used, and it is not cleaned up at the end, so make sure your script does this cleanup step when it finishes!I copy the entire contents of the as well as the for each configuration to this folder so I have it available anytime an image is going to get updated.

Obviously you’ll need to customize this string for your environment.The first question of note is what type of answer file to build. You need to have a volume license key or you'll be activating each machine (and you'll run out of activations).For this procedure we want a Sysprep setup: The next important question is when we're asked about the license agreement and if we want to fully automate the installation (we do): After telling the wizard you wish to fully automate the installation you'll get a screen with a tree view on the left and a set of Back/Next buttons. Imaging without volume license keys is a recipe for disaster; I've seen it happen: Computer name is another step that depends on a few factors.With all these additions the file now looks like this: ; Setup Mgr Tag [Unattended] Oem Skip Eula=Yes Install Files Path=C:\sysprep\i386 Extend OEMPartition=1 [Gui Unattended] Admin Password="!Password1" Encrypted Admin Password=NO OEMSkip Regional=1 Oem Skip Welcome=1 [User Data] Product Key=ABCDE-ABCDE-ABCDE-ABCDE-ABCDE Full Name="Brian Desmond" Org Name="Brian Desmond Consulting, LLC" Computer Name=* [Setup Mgr] Dist Folder=C:\sysprep\i386 Dist Share=windist [Identification] Join Domain=DOMAIN Domain Admin=sysprepadmin Domain Admin Password=password Machine Object OU="OU=Desktops, OU=Machines, DC=Domain, DC=local" [Networking] Install Default Components=Yes To run the Sysprep utility, copy everything from the or the download to a folder called c:\sysprep and launch

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This is especially nice if you delegate the imaging process to a junior admin who may not have rights to do this themselves as the wizard will take care of it all.

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