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Prince Harry has also sought and received the blessing of Ms Markle's parents."The wedding will take place in a church, which could prove controversial given Meghan's status as a divorcee.

It's not know in which country or city it will take place, though Betfair have given odds of 7/1 that it will be in Toronto, while Westminster Abbey is the favourite with odds of 1/12.

He went out with Annie for a while, but after getting into a car crash the two became uninterested in each other and kept arguing. He kissed Silver at the last time he was on the show and last day in Beverly Hills.

Ethan is introduced as a lacrosse star and top athlete at West Beverly Hills High.

Naomi's older sister Jen reveals that Ethan lost his virginity to her and not to Naomi or implying that he dated her before dating Naomi, but promises to keep it a secret.

Dixon starts to suspect Ethan's romantic interest in Silver and later confronts him about it.

But the couple will live together in Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace, it has been confirmed.

Dixon finds out about the text from Teddy Montgomery since Teddy accidentally found Silver's phone on the beach where she dropped it.Dixon forces Ethan to reveal that he does like Silver front of her, after which Ethan leaves.Silver runs after him and questions him about his revelation.However, when Rhonda attempts to kiss Ethan, he refuses her and clarifies that he is still going out with Annie.Ethan and Annie finally break up after agreeing that all their relationship has become is a constant fight.

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The pair break up and reconcile multiple times, until Ethan starts pursuing Annie Wilson, whom he met and kissed two summers ago.

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